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Our Customers work with young people like Tucker

We are all proud of Tucker Bryant not for his performance at Stanford University during semi-finals at the 2014 College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational, but for finding and delivering his message in a mindful, targeted, and strategic way.  Something we strive to do everyday for our customers.

Tucker has been an intern at Educated Change multiple summers and is known in England for his ability to put out fires with gasoline and his performance is a great use of that knowledge.

If you think like Tucker we have internships openings for Summer of 2015: 

Good luck Tucker at the finals.



By Peter Klein



The Perennial Plate on Today Show in New York

Congratulations to Danny and Mirra Klein of the Perennial Plate on their Today Show appearance, everyone at Educated Change is proud of what you have done and what you are planning.  

Your use of communication in a mindful, targeted, and strategic way shows how goals and objectives for a sustainable world can happen at every meal.


Daniel Klein and Mirra Fine of the popular docu-series “Perennial Plate” cook alongside TODAY’s Carson Daly to create some delicious mushroom and fava bean tacos, quinoa with olives, peas and oregano and more as part of the “Fresh Cooks Live” series.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy


, your questions. Watch:


By Peter Klein


2 Ways to Become a LinkedIn Influencer

How to be a LinkedIn Influencer without LinkedIn’s approval?

1.   Becoming a digital influencer starts with “holistically” moving reputation from the physical world to the digital world.  Everyone has a circle of influence (Covey) in the physical world; in the digital world you can grow your influence exponentially faster based on communicating across the 4 Life Quadrants. Everyone has 4, and how you use them depends on the type of person you are - or want to be.  

 The 4 Quadrants are:

  1. Your personal perspective     
  2. Your work perspective    
  3. You thought leadership perspective     
  4. Your legacy perspective (what you will leave behind)


In simple terms, to become a LinkedIn Influencer, you must effectively communicate these 4 Quadrants digitally.

At Educated Change we suggest you have a plan for what you are willing to share. For example, across which social network, and at what level in a relationship? (People who share too personal too soon in a relationship can push us away)  Having an elevator pitch for each Quadrant makes it easy for people to see where you fit into their network. .  So, for example, I only use Facebook for family and close friends (the last family reunion had 150 attendees)!  I only share things that my family would enjoy, and I turn off the feeds of those that use it to promote or share too much. 

Each of the Quadrants connect to people specific to that part of your life. It is the content in these Quadrants that you share with these people. For example, colleagues would come under the ‘professional’ quadrant. Connected people merge and communicate across all 4 Quadrants, and the deeper you go into each  of the 4, the closer the relationship. 

The other way to be a LinkedIn Influencer is much simpler. Go to your LinkedIn profile, hover over ‘Profile’, and click ‘Edit Profile’. Below your photo, you will see your public URL. Click ‘edit’ and change it to [your name]influencer. I have already taken the word influencer by itself: Http://

Wait a couple days and check Google your Google Rank.  I was always confused with Peter Klein the Microsoft CFO - since this change I have moved up on page rank!

If you do this remember; you have to replace your old link everyplace you have used it! 

Questions please contact


By Peter Klein