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The ABC’s in 2011 trends and ideas for your social media plan

It is about multi-platform because people are easily distracted

A.   Video is here.
there is a new level of interaction happening.  Video engagement in one month  (2010) had  5.4 billion ............  Read more
B.   Mobile Marketing.
2010 was infrastructure,  Smartphones killed (outsold) the .................. Read more
C. Where am I and where are you?
Big brother is watching? Mobile marketing: just before you make an in-store purchase I get a text. Not sure I like that.  Reach ...... Read more
D. All about Me
Offer something different while still making a profit. Think Groupon  because ...... Read more
E. Engage – Multi-platform
78% of consumers trust peer reviews and only 14% trust advertisements, so be ........... show you care.
ABC’s from Educated Change.  Like all social media content it comes from different sources and we would like to thank those companies that do the detailed research, our job is to simplify trends for our customer.  Simply Communicating.  Thanks Comscore  SMToday  Marina Arnaout

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Educated C-executives should think about social media.

Social media for the C level person

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